SN2100B v3.6.8004

Hi All,

I don’t know if someone already posted something about this.

I just want to share that when we upgraded our SN2100 to v3.6.8004, the GUI doesn’t load. Luckily it can still be accessible via SSH and I changed the next boot partition and it rebooted fine. I downgraded the partition from a working version and now we can manage the switch both via GUI and CLI.

Hope this helps someone who wants to upgrade to this version.

Hi Pratik,

Oohh I see. Will try this then and will give an update.

Thank you.

Hi Reginald,

The reason for this is because of an enhanced security feature added for all versions starting from Mellanox Onyx/OS 3.6.8004 and above - HTTP is disabled by default. Therefore, we are not able to reach the GUI after upgrading to 3.6.8004 and above.

There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP to log into the GUI

  2. You can enable http by using the following commands:

switch(config)# no web https ssl secure-cookie enable

switch(config)# web http enable

switch(config)# write memory

Now you can use HTTP and HTTPS connections to log into the GUI

Hope this helps


Pratik Pande