SNMP ifindex


I have setup a couple of SN2010 switches with mlag configuration that I will supervise using SNMP.

I found out that the SNMP ifindex are theses :

ifDescr ifIndex

lo 1

mgmt0 3

Eth1/1 109

Eth1/2 110

Eth1/3 105

Eth1/4 106

Eth1/5 107

Eth1/6 108

Eth1/7 101

Eth1/8 102

Eth1/9 103

Eth1/10 104

Eth1/11 97

Eth1/12 98

Eth1/13 99

Eth1/14 100

Eth1/15 65

Eth1/16 66

Eth1/17 67

Eth1/18 68

Eth1/19 73

Eth1/20 69

Eth1/21 81

Eth1/22 77

Po1 13826

Mpo1 29001

Mpo2 29002

I have several question about that :

  • how are theses ifindex generated ?
  • are theses ifIndex persistent after switch reboot ?
  • how to get the snmp ifindex from the CLI ?

On cisco product, you may have the ifindex persistent using “snmp-server ifindex persist” and “show snmp mib ifmib ifindex …”, for example :

gaea3#show snmp mib ifmib ifindex g3/1/1

Interface = GigabitEthernet3/1/1, Ifindex = 11301

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