so, does Geforce GTX Titan support dynamic parallelism or not??

I have read on internet several claims that some K20 features are not in Titan (Hyper-Q and grid management). But they also say that it does include Dynamic Parallelism. However, there are other sites that claim dynamic parallelism is not supported by GTX Titan.

This is a critical feature when buying a Titan or a K20 for a workstation ($$$).
An official answer from Nvidia would be appreciated.


Yes, dynamic parallelism is supported on GTX Titan.

thanks mfatica,
i have asked a store that sells HPC hardware.
They recently answered me saying that GTX Titan does not include dynamic parallelism, that i should get a K20 for that feature. An answer from a moderator would be great since many people are confused like me.


great, this is what i needed

thanks for both answers