soc_camera driver convert to R24.2 from R23.2

I have developed driver for TC358748 camera driver based on SOC_CAMERA framework in R23.2 and it works perfect. My camera sensor output is UYVY with resolution of 1080p 60fps. I have used 4 CSI lanes.

But Now i want to move to R24.2. In this version SOC_CAMERA is deprecated and replace by Media Controller Framework.

So whats most easy way to develop TC358748 driver in R24.2, SOC_CAMERA or Media Controller.?
If SOC_CAMERA is the answer, what changes i need to make in kernel to add the driver.?
And if Media Controller is the answer, is there any user guide available?


 My short answer would be to just go ahead and port it to media controller, soc_camera is deprecated and we have seen that eventually it could cause some framerate problems. We did the driver for the x43 [1] and now we are moving it to media controller too. If you are interested we can do the porting for you as well.

 In any case, if you want to give it a try I think you should start from ov5693 media controller driver and modify it to create your driver. You can look on the L4T documentation that you can download from