SoC Voltage

Referring to this:
What does VDD_SYS_SOC correspond to? Is it voltage corresponding to CPU (ARM and Denver cores) or is it voltage corresponding to CPU + GPU?
Any leads/ comments will be appreciated.

It is for core, not for CPU or GPU

Thank you for your response. Which core is that referring to? Arm core? Denver Core?

I am actually interested in Power. So observing Power1 is Power associated with SoC. So I wanted to know what is that SoC comprising of?

Did you meet some issues of module? In fact what we can provide to public are all in the doc in download center. VDD_SOC related info are not public as generally customer has no need to handle it since Jetson design is based on the mode of module + carrier board.

Yes I read the documents in the download center.i wanted to check the power consumed by GPU and the arm and Denver cores separately. What I observe is, power GPU can by observed via sysfs node. There is another power by the name Power_soc. So SoC in this comprises of what? Arm and Denver cores? Or Arm, denver and GPU power combined?

The large units powered by it are - display, ISP, NVDEC, NVENC, VIC.

Wow.Thank you for your response. Appreciate it. So there’s no way I can find out power consumed by Arm+Denver cores when i run some programs? I can just measure the power consumed by GPU?

VDD_CPU is for it, you can read its value from the monitor.

But there is no sysfs node for CPU. There is GPU, SoC and WiFi. Nothing else. I checked the documentation for power measurements.

You can refer to the power monitor doc here:

Thank you for the document. If you notice, this document has VDD_GPU mentioned twice. There’s nothing about CPU. I guess it’s a misprint?

Yes, it’s a typo, there is VDD_CPU in following code.

Ok if you don’t mind, can I have some time? I need a day to try and search things up again. Pls don’t close this topic. I shall mark it as done as soon as I resolve this issue. Thank you so much for your time and help Trumany. Really appreciate it.

Sure, go ahead please.

I was able to find the CPU node and was able to read it too. Thank you so much for your help. Appreciate it.