Soft Body/Cloth Simulation

Hi all,

Whats the state of physics sim as it pertains to cloth/softbodies, is it available in any form in Omniverse and if not how is it planned if at all?

Dan Rita

Dear friends, I have the same question as Dan Rita, is there a current way for the soft / bodys / cloth?

I can see that in the presentation video “NVIDIA Omniverse Physics Showcase” it works;

Any extension to activate or any way?

I have experience using the APEX ClothingToolPROFILE tool from PhysX_3.3 and also with Nvidia Flex. It would be wonderful if you can apply these functions in the new versions of Omniverse.

Dear @Dan.Rita , the soft bodys are already here. Update the Omniverse Launcher.
You have to activate the extensions: Physx Internal and Geometry
Mark the autoload in both and they will be permanent.

In Window = Physics = Demo Scenes you have example projects.

Cloth, fluids, flex, particles, etc. At last the Physics 5 engine from Nvidia is ingrained. Congratulations to the entire development team.

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To be clear, the “PhysX Internal” extension is named internal because it is a version under development and is not yet of a releasable quality. We are at present working hard on finalizing the feature, and we should have a properly working and tested version out in a future update. If all goes according to plan, quite soon.

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Hello @AdamMoravanszky, Great!