Soft body physics on clothes?

Here is said:

Only the low-poly versions fully support iClone’s soft-cloth physics. These fabric materials will flutter during movements.

I know I cannot export hair dynamics from iClone to Omniverse. It´s not supported yet. But how about the clothe dynamics?

What are my options now?

Hello @pekka.varis! Both Edmar and I receive several questions regarding hair and cloth systems. In fact, Edmar and I just meet with the development team to discuss how we can get better documentation guides only to find out that much of these systems are still in development. I know that this doesn’t help you now, I just want you to know that this is at the top of our list!

As for what we have available for cloth physics now, was able to find some documentation here: Particle-Cloth Attachments & / or using a Pin Animation Constraint, but I don’t think any of that is very helpful to you regarding importing from iClone.

I reached out to the development team for more information and I will post here as soon as I hear back from them.

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So I did hear back from the team. It looks like the import from Reallusion coming in as one single mesh, character in a T-pose, with hair, clothing, and human body all collapsed. We are working with Reallusion, but we need those definitions to be separate in order to incorporate physics.

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Great. Thanks for efforts & this update Wendy!

Yep, Wendy is correct, the first challenge is to get data in that is simulation ready. It is also not purely an importer problem, it is also an authoring workflow one: Many existing character assets were created by scanning clothed people, which means that data about what is under the hair or under the clothing was never captured to begin with, but this data is essential for simulation. There are also other secondary concerns like getting clothing in a wrinkle free rest state, getting simulation / material properties, and getting animations that avoid states that are not possible with a certain set of clothing.

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Thank you, I understand this is a huge work and it must be done together with Reallusion. That ´s why my next tutorial project is designed to be made with quite tight clothes:

like hair, soft cloth PhysX data aren’t export to USD right now,
I think you can add soft cloth physics like this in omniverse

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