Software commanded power off on TX2i

The TX2i documentation has
Unlike NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 or NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2, Jetson TX2i cannot initiate a shutdown through software. Any attempt at shutdown results in a reboot. Consequently, using the shutdown command causes a reboot of the system:

This comment describes creating a custom board to provide SW commanded power off.

Is there any possibility that Nvidia can/would restore the software commanded power down?

The use case is:
Control software commands all the TX2is to perform a clean shutdown, stopping processes and closing filesystems.
Operator then removes power from all the TX2is by opening a master breaker.

Hi, can you please tell which doc it is?

It is HW design of TX2i module. Please refer to

Unfortunately I did not capture the precise URL and cannot find the source document.

Please refer to [3.5 Module Power-on Type Detection & Control] in oem design guide.

It gives clear information in HW deviation of TX2, TX2 4GB, and TX2i. You have to design your custom board accordingly.

I would like to design my own carrier board which able to support both TX2 and TX2i and I aware to the differences regarding the use of the power button and B48,B49 pins and the need to add some HW which identify what module type is running but still my question is:

Is it possible to auto power up TX2 or TX2i (without using power button) and then to power down using SW command only ? (again no use of power button at all time)