Software/drivers needed for Kepler GPUs

I noted somewhere that the PVF release had the needed software for the nVidia GPUs. But since the Kepler GPUs are rather new I’m wondering if the current release has the needed drivers etc.?

If not I would assume I can download from and install. Would I need all 3 components (toolkit, drivers, SDK)? And are any other changes needed?


Looks like the latest toolkit and drivers from nVidia support the Kepler cards, see

Integration into PGI acceleration is still a question I’m researching. At this point if I turn on the nVidia acceleration I get the following error:

call to cuModuleLoadData returned error 300: Invalid Source
DUDA driver sersion: 4020

Using the pgaccelinfo tool, 4020 reflects the latest CUDA driver for a GTX680 that I’ve just upgraded to.

Any help appreciated.

Hi deeppow,

We do not yet support Kepler, and most likely wont until the Telsa branded versions become available.

  • Mat