Software for Algorithm Diagrams writing a paper...


i’m writing a paper about my implementation of a dsp algorithm. i was wondering which software you guys use to make diagrams of your algorithm laid out on CUDA. something as basic as whats in [1] would be sufficient.



Cool paper,

No idea what they use. Things which come to mind: “ms paint” no lol… just kidding, though sometimes useable for arrows or so or circles ;)

I do know about “smart draw” it has “diagram capabilities”.

And then there is also Microsoft’s visual draw or something… can’t remember it’s name but microsoft has something for it too. VisioCalc or something.

Both tools not super easy to use… so maybe there is something better out there…

Maybe adobe photoshop could be used for it… it has multiple layers which could be nice too… and decent text/font capabilities… easy re-positioning text/labels via layers.

Last but not least, perhaps even gui programming tools could be used to automatically draw something… but that’s probably a lot of work, manually with drawing tools seems faster.

Perhaps you could ask the dudes that wrote the papers ! ;) =D and then do share and report back here ! LOL… would be most interesting ! ;) =D


You could use Dia or MS Visio.

Best would be to export it as vector graphics and use it. This will not cause low res. pictures when zooming in to the PDF.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should make diagrams that is possible to represent in black and white. This means that if somebody prints your paper in black and white the information should still be there as for the colored one.

Dia works pretty well.

But I admit to being lazy sometimes, and for simple “boxes and arrows” kinds of diagrams I just fire up LibreOffice Impress (a Powerpoint clone). But Powerpoint or Keynote also work. Yes, they’re designed for slides, but they all have quick, simple, and powerful “draw boxes with labels and arrows” kinds of tools.