Software Installation of 6 synchronized CAM20_CUOAGX cameras for Jetson AGX Orin Kit


I bought e-CAM20_CUOAGX (6 synchronized cameras). I wanted to use them with my Orin Kit. The provided manual says in order to install the binaries for cameras, I have to flash the Orin Kit. And then get the binaries using command:

tar xaf e- CAM20_CUOAGX_JETSON_AGX_ORIN_<L4T_version><release_date><release_version>.tar.gz

But I have been using the Orin Kit for several months now. And I would have like to avoid flashing it, to save my current setting. Is it possible to just download the binaries without flashing? thanks

Is it possible to download and install binaries without flashing the Orin Kit?

I just wanted to use the cameras with my Orin Kit that I have been using for many months.

Suggest to contact with E-Con directly to support this issue. Thanks


Please write your query to Our team will solve your request at the earliest.

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