Software integration with Jetson Nano's OS

Hello there,

We are developing a Jetson Nano based product, and have several questions regarding the integration of our software with the Jetson Nano:

  1. How can we hide the OS completely from the user, so it sees and interacts only with our application’s GUI?
  2. Do you have a recommendation for an encrypted local database, that will perform well on the Jetson Nano?
  3. How can we allow only the connection of predefined USB devices on the Jetson Nano?
  4. What are the recommended tools to perform system wide performance profiling on the Jetson Nano (including all processes)?

hello shachar2,

what’s did you mean hide, how about creating a specific login accounts to prevent other user for login.

here’s Disk Encryption feature to protect the user-space content, (i.e. APP partition.) unfortunately, it doesn’t support with Nano series.

what kind of the predefined USB devices it is, may I also know what’s the actual use-case?

you may running tegrastats utility to collect the reports, it show the memory usage and also processor usage.

Hi Jerry, thanks for the reply.

  1. Our application runs in full screen. The user can alt-tab to access OS features such as other windows, the task bar on the left, the status bar on top. How can we remove these elements completely? We wish to make it so after boot, the user sees only our application and won’t be able to access other system features.
  2. I see. In our tests, we used an encrypted sqlite local database, and it was very slow. We were hoping for more options.
  3. For example, we want to block external usb drives, to protect the system, while allowing devices such as keyboard, mouse and a barcode reader. How can this be done?
  4. I see. We will check this option.

hello shachar2,

it’s system level customization, you may google it around for the approaches to disable taskbar. (or, ubuntu dock)
for example,

For “blocking usb devices”, you can try some similar posts as below.

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