Software measurement of actual AGX power usage


I am seeing a lot of post here about the AGX power usage stats available in the tegrastats output, as well as accessible under sysfs. There seems to be conflicting responses to this question about calculating the actual power usage of the AGX SOM as well as the power usage of the AGX and Nvidia carrier card.

Can you provide an answer on exactly what values need to be summed together to get the AGX SOM power usage and if it is also possible to determine the overall AGX+carrier card power?

I see the following power measurement entries:

As for the overall AGX+carrier card power, I looked through the document Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-09778-001_v2.1.pdf but did not any power sensors I can access, for example over the I2C bus.

thank you

The sum of the rails you listed is close to total module power consumption. There is no accurate value of module + carrier board can be read by sw. It needs to calculate by using total power supply to minus module power.

Thank you for the reply. My understanding is that the max module power is 30W. When I run a stress test fully loading all CPU cores, the GPU, and memory access I am seeing a sum total approaching 50W. How do I resolve this discrepancy?

For example:
GPU 25344/23308
CPU 13632/13434
SOC 4803/4627
CV 0/0
VDDRQ 2976/2864
SYS5V 4627/4556

Sum of all rails is 25344 + 13632 + 4803 + 0 + 2976 + 4627 = 51382 = 51.382W

thank you

The max power is not 30W if the nvpmodel is not 30W. There are several nvpmodels as you can see in Supported Modes and Power Efficiency. The real power consumption depends on nvpmodel and use case.

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