Software or command that can put TX1 sleep or wake up mode when audio signal is Audio Interrupt


Could any one please tell me how to put my TX1 in sleep mode automatically when there is no activities and it should wake up when it interrupts the audio signal. Is there any software or command available to achieve this task. Please let me know.


Does the setting -> power and the right top corner power down suspend didn’t work?

Hi ShaneCCC,

When there is no activity system should go to sleep mode. But when the signal (typically the sound) observes, the system should wake up and work with all normal processors.

I want this to be done automatically not manually.

Could you please tell me how can I do that.

Kind regards,

It sounds like one question might be whether or not the audio processing engine can continue to run and process detection of certain sounds as a command even when the rest of the system is in sleep mode. The alternative is to have a separate device which understands those sounds and triggers the correct button (or its equivalent). I have doubts that the APE can continue working and a program listening to this when the rest of the system is sleeping.

Did you mean the sound from the MIC to wake up the system?