Solaris 11.3 Boot fails w Geforce 710 GT PCIe card.. HELP

On booting from a Solaris11.3 USB Text boot… the kernel for AMD64 loads OK… then fails on the geforce framebuffer with the following errors :

WARNING: gfxp_fb_ioctl: could not initialize console
WARNING: terminal emulator: Compatible fb not found
WARNING: consconfig: terminal emulator failed to initialize

I actually see that Nvidia has nearly ALL cards supported for Solaris with the following driver from your download site… updated as recently as today! … but apparently not in the Solaris 11.3 x86 media.

I downloaded the driver (as “”) to a USB thumbdrive… and wondering how to modify via grub the boot commands to load this driver… from another USB port during the boot process ??.. since I dont’ simply have a working Solaris install to apply it to. ??

Yo TJ -
I have an item open also on this forum (look for “NVS 315”) that discusses the problems with the NVIDIA drivers.
There is to be a new release of the NVIDIA 384.59 soon (as revised by Oracle) to remedy some problems with the “meshing” with Solaris 11.3.
Essentially the driver 384.59 released by NVIDIA neglects to take care of the UEFI boot possibilities. If you make the system legacy boot, the driver problems may disappear.
The problem there is if you use legacy boot without UEFI enabled, then the very good ZFS file system loses some critical features… (so I hear).
The problem you are citing with the “WARNING: gfxp_fb_ioctl…” is a problem I am looking at right now… I changed the BIOS settings and all of a sudden this issue appeared. The way it used to work is a serial console type output was coming to the video output during boot, but then the GUI starts up and overlays it. When the GUI is stopped, all the normal serial console output is on the screen. When this “WARNING: gfxp_fb_ioctl…” started today (due to my BIOS manipulations), the serial output no longer appears on the screen “behind” the gui screen… stopping the GUI results in only a black screen now…

 If I get it resolved, i will put an entry here...