Solaris x86 Driver 450.51 and 450.57 work with GTX750Ti but swapping to a GTX1650 causes Reboot

After three years decided to upgrade my GTX750Ti which did not have a DisplayPort interface to a GTX1650 which does a DisplayPort. As I periodically upgrade the Solaris x86 Driver was running 450.51 without any problems using the GTX750Ti card. Powered off, swapped the 750Ti for the 1650. Power on, POST completed normally, OpenIndiana started normally until it got to the point when it needed to start LightDM GUI Login when the computer rebooted no error was displayed. With the 1650 still installed booted to single user mode and installed the 450.57 driver and rebooted. OpenIndiana rebooted when it tried to start LightDM. To verify it was not a hardware issue, disconnected all data drives, swapped boot disk for temporary replacement and installed Linux which identified the card and the system worked normally. Swapped the GTX1650 for the GTX750Ti and Opendiana booted normally and was accessible via LightDM GUI