Solution - GeForce 6150Go - Random lock-ups with 304.108 driver


I created a bug report about this 6 month ago here:

For some reason I can’t reply to it anymore, but I finally found the source and solution to this bug so maybe someone else might find this helpful or it will help NVIDIA to investigate the bug.

The problem was that with the NVIDIA driver the laptop would lock up randomly. This happened multiple times a day. I then switched to using nouveau, but also had lock ups. The fine folks at #nouveau told me to delete the files and this instantly fixed my problem. I did not have have problems for months. I was using XFCE, since Gnome + nouveau was really laggy and had some rendering artifacts. Now after a few months I wanted to go back to Gnome and reinstalled the NVIDIA driver and just 2-3 hours later I started getting lockups again. Now I uninstalled libvdpau and lib32-libvdpau on Arch with pacman -Rdd to override the dependency check and the problem is fixed for the NVIDIA driver aswell. I’m happily using NVIDIA + Gnome now for 2 weeks and did not have a single lock-up.

I don’t know why this happens and my card shouldn’t be capable of using VDPAU anyway, according to wikipedia, but getting rid of the files also solved the problem when using the proprietary driver. I also do not have any sideeffects from removing this dependency.

plz check if libvdpau-0.7 can help to resolve your issue


the Arch Linux package builds directly from Aaron’s repo. Since 0.7 was released 10 months ago I was also using 0.7, when I reported the bug 6 months ago. Packages are updated to the latest upstream version within one day on Arch, unless it’s an new major kernel version or entire desktop environment.

I’ll build myself the old 0.5 version and see if the problem started to occur with version 0.6 or 0.7.

EDIT: Silly me. The usr/lib/vdpau/ files are owned by the driver itself not libvdpau. I first removed them manually with rm as root, just like I did with, and later uninstalled the libvdpau package thinking it would be a cleaner way. So the libvdpau package probably isn’t the culprit.