[SOLVED] 21.1 vanishing audio

So, when I reboot 21.1, both grinchified and vanilla, I lose audio. There are no devices under sound at all. Any ideas?

Hello all together,
I have the same problem.
After upgrading to 21.1 from ubuntu host 12.04
There is no audio device.
System Settings-Sound-Play sound through is empty.
When i play youtube sound is ok.
If i open fs-uae while youtube is running i get message
If youtube is closed there is a verry loud click and
Sound is verry low (set to max volume).
About This Computer in top right corner doesent work.

Please help (i want audio in my amiga games)
Best regards

Xbmc still works for me when there is no audio device. This is pointing to a pulseaudio problem. Running pulseaudio -k gives a no running process reply.

WiFi is hit or miss as well, even with the new drivers from jetsonhacks.com.

I have found the problem with my setup.
I use a hdmi to dvi cable on dell monitor so there is no audio device (in 19.3 works fine)
When i use my tv with hdmi cable it has speakers tegra-rt5639, HDA Nvidia Tegra and
HDMI /Displayport.

Best regards

Nope. Mine is blank whether I use an adapter or connect straight hdmi.

Also xbmc only works for a few minutes, then audio clips or cuts out. Video remains fine.

when you see the problem, could you check /var/log/syslog and see if there is any error message, say from palseaudio module?

Hi @beowulfs/@chuang,
Did you upgrade/dist-upgrade your platform after flashing R21.1 build?

Please provide details of /etc/pulse/default.pa file wherein line:
#load-module module-alsa-sink

should be un-commented and be changed to include device h/w value for sporadic missing audio out devices:
load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,3

On performing upgrade/dist-upgrade, this file may get replaced with new one if there is a pulse update, and hence issue might come into picture.

This WAR will be addressed in upcoming releases though.

Mohit Sharma

That line was uncommented, but I had this line at the bottom. Once I commented it out and copied default.pa back, sound came back. But xbmc audio still quits. Probably need to upgrade kulve version.

pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:o,3