[solved] 378.13: 1080ti X-Plane 11 low performance

I have a machine with a 1080ti in it. Running x-plane 11, it gets around 10fps at 1920x1080, but according to nvidia-smi, gpu load is only 30% (i can believe that, since the fan doesn’t spin any faster).
Do I need to wait for a new driver to get max performance out of the card, or is something else wrong?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (120 KB)

On your hardware, this should be…flying.
Win10/SteamOS comparison on much lower hardware:

Since X-Plane is largely cpu bound, I don’t think that the nvidia driver is the problem. Maybe you’re hit badly by the same problem you can read about here in the Mad Max threads. Try a kernel <4.9 and/or reduce number of cores in bios for a test. Run some cpu benchmark to test that your kernel is set up right (cpufreq?) for max performance.

I suspect the driver currently, because using the same scenery packages and quality settings my laptop with k5100m gets at least 15fps. According to the internet, the k5100m performs like a gtx750, so with 100% gpu usage the 1080ti should be able to hit 30fps…
the 378.13 driver does not officially recognize the card, it’s just a “graphics device”.

OK, so it must be X-Plane 11: I’ve reduced all settings to minimum, and on both the 1080ti and K5100M I don’t get over 40fps, but GPU load never exceeds 30% on both, looks like X-Plane can’t submit triangles to render fast enough.

Even though X-Plane is very much cpu bound, you should be doing very well. I can imagine that because Ryzen is so new (and kernel 4.10 is from before its release), that there is some sort of conflict somewhere.

I’m pretty sure it’s X-plane; Talos Principle with all settings set to max (including AA) gets 100% gpu load and 70fps avg framerate.

Interesting to note that the newly released beta drivers adds support for the 1080ti: