[SOLVED] Color rendering based on UCHAR tags ?

I have a RAW image file with voxels to which different materials are assigned (eg material 1, 2 etc). I’d like to perform an isovalue rendering, assuming all voxels are density 1.0 regardless of the material. However the color should reflect the material of voxels.
I think I have to write a custom rendering kernel presumably like the one used for volume rendering, however I don’t know how to access to the UCHAR data channel, assuming I’ve loaded one into, say, channel #1.

Any hint, code fragment, documentation would be appreciated !


This is a feature which will be more fully supported in GVDB 1.1 maintenance release, expected out shortly.
Yes, you would need a custom render kernel to access multiple data channels. This capability will be demonstrated in GVDB 1.1


Great news, looking forward to 1.1 release.