[Solved] Compilation of Open Shading Language


Trying to compile latest Open Shading Language. But it fails.
Version 1.7.1 can’t seem to find the link to OpenImageIO.
And latest from master: https://github.com/imageworks/OpenShadingLanguage (Commit: 15268585008edc1f8b93fe141aa81db5afb5550d) fails on a Bus Error.

Has anyone has sucessfully compiled this library and which version have you used?
Maybe you have a link to working .deb?


Did you install libopenimageio-dev package first? Version 1.3 seems to be available in Ubuntu:

apt-get install libopenimageio-dev

Version 1.5 seems to be available in a newer Ubuntu version and recompiling that for the 14.04 might not be a big thing.

Sorry. Took me a while to come back here. Had other priorities.
Although I can see that libopenimageio in Ubuntu’s launchpad, I don’t see it from apt-get or apt-cache. Not even after doing apt-get update and uncommenting every possible line in source.list.

Where do I go wrong here?

Update: Managed to compile the latest OpenImageIO with the right flags. I don’t think that there is any libopenimageio package anyway for T4L