[SOLVED] CUDA 8.0 driver version 396.18 ubuntu 16.04: driver is insufficient for CUDA runtime version + nvidi...

I’m using an ASUS from the N552VW serie, with GeForce gtx960M included. For using caffe, I need to use the GPU mode, but when running make runtest I’m getting:
CUDA driver version insufficient for CUDA runtime version.

At this moment I’m using CUDA 8.0.61, and the standard driver that I’ve instald is the 396.18 although I also already tried with lower versions.
In addition, when trying to run ‘nvidia-msi’ I’m getting ‘command not found’, and if I’m looking in the software&updates>additional drivers, I’m seeing my GPU with 3 possible nvidia packs.

I’ve been trying a lot of things (for example https://askubuntu.com/questions/902636/nvidia-smi-command-not-found-ubuntu-16-04) like installing other drives on different ways. I’m not finding a solution to my problem… Does anyone has suggestions? That would be really great!

Install a driver using the NVIDIA recommended method and source. The fact that you don’t have nvidia-smi is an indication that you picked a driver from a source that is not recommended for use with CUDA. It’s also the reason you’re getting that driver is insufficient… message with 396.18

One place to get a usable driver package is at:


I’ve been downloading the driver package (390), but after installing it, my computer is always in a loop after logging in.
I tried to install it on this way:

Make sure you are logged out.

Hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 and login using your credentials.
kill your current X server session by typing sudo service lightdm stop or sudo lightdm stop
Enter runlevel 3 by typing sudo init 3
Install your *.run file.
    you change to the directory where you have downloaded the file by typing for instance cd Downloads. If it is in another directory, go there. Check if you see the file when you type ls NVIDIA*
    Make the file executable with chmod +x ./your-nvidia-file.run
    Execute the file with sudo ./your-nvidia-file.run
You might be required to reboot when the installation finishes. If not, run sudo service lightdm start or sudo start lightdm to start your X server again.

But then I’m not able anymore to log in. To solve the logging booting I needed to uninstall the driver again.
How can I install the correct nvidia driver without getting into this loop?

Update: I added sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall and I got it working! Thanks!