[Solved] Filtering logcat by application


I would like to be able to view only MY application log (filtering out anything else).

I can see no way of doing so.

It is possible to filter by PID, but the PID changes every time the application is started.
This is a problem since:

  • the PID must by manually typed into the filter option every time the application is started
  • there is no way to view initialization log since by the time I set the PID the application is already running

Eclipse has the ability to filter the logcat by the application package name (which remains the same every time the application runs).

Would it be possible to add support for logcat filtering by application?

hi EIIH_x,
your suggestion is good, we are considering it and tracking it internally.

I’d love to see this feature too!

Are there any plans to implement this feature?

Hi EliH_x,

We’re taking it into consideration for the next major release. I’ll update this thread when there is a more definite answer.

Filtering by app ID is now supported.

From the release notes:

Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition, version 3.1
New Features:

  • Added logcat filtering by debugged app during debug session. Enabled by default, can be turned off. (21481)