[SOLVED] Freezing/Crashing possibly due to drivers on Linux Mint 17.2 w/ GTX 750ti SC & 358.16 L

I’ve been having freezing and crashing for my computer when running certain programs. It is likely due to video drivers or graphics card compatibility, since I used to run this rig with a GTX 670 and recently upgraded to a GTX 750ti SC. Unfortunately, I am not well versed on the hardware side, and therefore I do not have as much insight into what the issue may be myself.

  • Running graphically intensive games causes the system to freeze, tested with Borderlands 2 and Shadow Warrior 2013.
  • Certain online services such as VoIP and livestreams seem to cause freezing after a short duration of running, including Mumble and Twitch.tv
  • Low intensity games, such as simple 2D games, do not affect the computer. This includes simple 2D games running with WINE. Tested with Undertale.
  • A possibly related item, sometimes font will corrupt or letters will disappear, as visualized here.
  • The only issue with installing the drivers had to do with the pre-installation scripts failing, however the drivers reported that they were successfully installed.

I have uploaded my nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file here for review, created post

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide or if I am needed to take any action.


Haha so hilarious story this was actually caused by dust on the PCIe connections so this is actually a non-issue so let’s just forget I ever asked.


I’ve been continuing to look into my issue, and it seems incredibly similar to this issue:

It has also been stated within the Linux Mint 17.2 release notes that some GeForce GPUs will cause freezing, however the solutions offered within the release notes only apply to a fresh install of an operating system, which is not really a viable option for me since I have school files I still need on here. The release notes for Linux Mint 17.2 are below: