[SOLVED] GVDB with Quadro and general architecture question

Will gvdb work with the Quadro series graphics cards? I know that GVDB requires kepler or newer cards but information on the Quadro series of cards is not as easily found as the GeForce series of cards. Also in minute 38 of “Rendering Sparse Volumes with NVIDIA® GVDB in DesignWorks” (see link below) it is mentioned that command line programs could be run on Tesla cards. Was this a verbal typo or is there some functionality that can be done on Tesla cards but only all of the functionality of GVDB can be accessed through kepler or newer cards?

Link: http://on-demand-gtc.gputechconf.com/gtcnew/on-demand-gtc.php?searchByKeyword=GVDB&searchItems=&sessionTopic=&sessionEvent=&sessionYear=&sessionFormat=&submit=&select=

Here is a nice wikipedia page which outlines which cards have which architecture (including the Quadro series):

From that page it also appears that Tesla is a product line in addition to being an architecture, so that most likely explains my confusion from minute 38 of the presentation mentioned in the original post.