[SOLVED]Heightfield Issue

I’m having an issue with my heightfield, it’s looking like a “stair”.
I’ve tried everything but nothing works… Why it is like this?



I believe the physx heightfield stores heights as 16 bit signed integers (which are then transformed). as such there’s only 65536 different possible heights. Is it possible that you’ve just hit a resolution limitation? What is your heightScale set to and how does that compare to the height of your stairs?

Hi! I’m using a 16 bit raw data… My heightScale is 1.0, I’ve tried 0.3 and 0.1, smoothed, but not completely. I think it may be the raw data. Thanks.

Solved! I was using float, which was being clamped… I solved remapping unsigned int raw data into signed int… Thanks asdasdasdasdasdf!