[SOLVED] How Can I Modify the OpenCV4Tegra?

I have to build opencv with Gstreamer. So the other opencv versions doesnt work but my opencv4tegra works.

My version is 2.4.13
When I tried to write


It says a lots of information. In my build information, gstreamer is off. So I have to modify the opencv4tegra. How can I modify? Where is the build folder? And cvconfig.h is in: /hdd/buildbot/slave_jetson_tk1_1/32-O4T-L4T/build\n------------------------------------------

but I couldnt find it. HELP! :(

So far as I know OpenCV4Tegra internals are closed source.

Not sure what you mean with “other versions doesn’t work”…
If you have some python code working only for opencv-2.4, you may try to build and install your own opencv-2.4.13 version (same API as Opencv4tegra).
Check http://docs.opencv.org/3.2.0/d6/d15/tutorial_building_tegra_cuda.html#tutorial_building_tegra_cuda_opencv_24X, there is a section for TK1, just add or change :
-DWITH_GSTREAMER=ON (for gstreamer-1.0 support)
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/opencv-2.4.13 (opencv4tegra is installed in /usr)
-DBUILD_opencv_python=ON (for python2)
when configuring, build and install.

Thank you sir. I have rebuild the opencv 2.4.13 and the problem has been solved. :)