[Solved] Installed cuda 8.0, but need drvier version at least 367.55, not 367.48

After installing cuda 8.0 on RHEL 6.8, a security scan tells me I have a vulnerability in the NVIDA driver and need to upgrade to at least version 367.55.

Cuda comes with 367.48, but I must have the newer version to get a clean scan on my workstation.

This is a US DoD computer and our security requirements are very strict.


You can update the driver independently of CUDA. The driver version installed with any particular CUDA version is typically the minimum required driver version, i.e. older drivers likely don’t work with that version of CUDA. But installing newer drivers is not a problem. Simply install the latest non-experimental driver package appropriate for your platform (or a specific version that DoD requires)

Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I was under the impression that standalone driver and the cuda provided one were incompatible.

OK, that appears to have works. Thanks for the suggestion.