[SOLVED] Loading Other Volumetric Data into GVDB

Hello ,

I was wondering if there’s a simple example of just plainly loading volumetric grid data from OpenVDB including its attributes (like density, velocity etc) into GVDB (API calls) as well as rendering it. gInteractiveGL seems to do something similar in terms of rendering but it already loads a gvdb data file.

Thank you.


Hi Ram,

Currently GVDB 1.0 does not load OpenVDB files. We’ve decided to move this to a future release so we can do a better job at supporting the latest OpenVDB 4.0.2 and covering different data types.

That said, I’ve just posted a new github sample called gResample, which demonstrates how to load a RAW file from disk into GVDB as sparse data. Reading the RAW data is just one way to get volume data into CPU memory. Once its there, the sample shows how to transfer the CPU volume data into GVDB, and also ignore data which is empty thus making it sparse.


Thank you for providing this.