Solved: nvidia 390 only recognize single GTX 1080 ti on Ubuntu 1604

Hi there,

I installed nividia-390.25 on my Ubuntu 1604, where I have 2 GTX 1080 Ti on board. The power supply is 850w.

Before, I used nvidia-384.111, and the driver works well with the two cards.

But since I purge the 384 and installed 390, when I login, my desktop look weird. I cant see the side bar and not all directories are showed, beside the login takes more time. Click on home key on the keyboard, nothing shows up.

If I type nvidia-smi, only one card is recognized.

On my Ubuntu, I have purged cuda, autoremoved it, and remove for second check. I have blacklist to nouveau too.

When I go back to 384, still only one card is recognized. I guess it is not because the power supply, but because of some cuda stuff not clean up. How could I solve the probelm?


You may try uninstall nvidia with
and approach installation again

I already done this before.

No worry, I just find out someone remove one card from motherboard withou informing me.