SOLVED ObjLoader unhandled exception during loading

I started writing a Many-Light raytracer which is built upon the pathtracer sample.
The actual tracing works like a charm so far but i wanted to test it in more complex scenes than the
little Cornell-Box. Sadly, the pathtracer sample uses parallelograms for its geometry representation (for whatever reason) so i had to look into other samples for some actual file loading.
I changed my scene to a MeshScene (weirdly enough the required SampleScene header was missing in the MeshScene header, i just added that one) and added the following host code:

setMesh( (std::string( sutilSamplesDir() ) + "/simpleAnimation/cow.obj").c_str() );
ObjLoader* loader = 0;
loader = new ObjLoader( m_filename.c_str(), m_context, m_geometry_group, m_accel_builder.c_str(), m_accel_traverser.c_str(), m_accel_refine.c_str(), m_accel_large_mesh );
delete loader;

This code is from sample6. I also made sure that the file existed at the specified path.
Visual Studio presents the following error during debugging:

Pointing to line 4 in this snippet:

inline unsigned int GeometryGroupObj::getChildCount() const
    unsigned int result;
    checkError( rtGeometryGroupGetChildCount( m_geometrygroup, &result ) );
    return result;

There is no other output on console.
Not sure what’s going wrong here but i hope you guys know what I’m missing.



did not create a geometry group for the loader, the following code fixed it

m_geometry_group = m_context->createGeometryGroup();