Hi there,
I would like to ask if there is someone who have theadripper and some time.

I need to test PCIE bandwidth, its part of cuda samples.
Simple reproducer should be:
1] install Windows 10 64 on given HW and update it
2] install Visual Studio 10 2010
3] install CUDA 8.0 or CUDA 9.0
4] install latest nVidia driver (mine was 385.69) or the one from CUDA (if there is one)
5] go to CUDA samples folder
6] build provided .sln and run it using Visual Studio (http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-samples/index.html#getting-started-with-cuda-samples)
7] observe “device to host bandWidth” etc.

Game mode solving this problem but the price is you have only half of threads…