[SOLVED - Please delete if possible] What Clang version are you using in Ubuntu 16.04 and CUDA 9.1?

For those using Clang instead of GCC, what version you managed to get working?

I installed/configured Clang 7.0, but nvcc says that “The version (‘70100’) of the host compiler (‘clang’) is not supported”.
However, the installation guide says that Clang 4.0 is the required, while this post here from Jan/2018, https://reviews.llvm.org/D42513, says that CUDA 9.1 is partially supported. Clang 4.0 certainly predates this post, so I’d like to know what you guys are using.

Just to let everyone know, installing clang-4.0 in Ubuntu 16.04, as the installation indicates for 9.1, evidently works.
I was a bit confused by the referred post above.
Maybe I can delete this topic, as it doesn’t really look useful to anyone who follows the installation guide…