[SOLVED] Suspend To RAM Resume Failure on Opensuse 13.2 using GTX750


I have a problem regarding resume from suspend to RAM on opensuse 13.2 using both 346.22 beta (hard way) and 340.65 prebuilt binaries supplied from Nvidia where the system fails to resume from RAM. This works perfectly with opensuse 13.1 and kernel 3.11 but fails with opensuse 13.1 kernel 3.18 and opensue 13.2 kernel 3.16. I have both systems active on the same machine so if there is any information or help I can provide on comparing the systems please let me know. For reference please see here:






Dear Nvidia and Aarron Plattner

my sincerest apologies as this problem is not nvidia’s fault but western digital’s as it appears to be an issue with WD Black 2TB drives stopping the system from resume.


Please can you direct me to the nearest cake seller where I can buy a slice of humble pie. :)

That will teach me to approach things with a more open mind.

I’m glad you were able to figure this out! Suspend / resume bugs are notoriously hard to track down, so no pie is required. :)