[SOLVED] Understanding Nvidia-Smi for GTX-980 and driver versions

Hi all,
Am exploring the nvidia-smi with my set of GTX-980 cards.
The driver installed is 349.16.

Nvidia-smi, however, does not show Power readings or utilization and many other attributes
for the GPUs. Is there something I can change to get these numbers?
Updated driver? A utility to work with or use nvidia-smi or nvidia-settings
to extract these numbers?

I really wanna know about the real reason why these numbers are shown as not supported, before
i can update anything on the system I am working with.

Thanks so much!!

nvidia-smi provides reporting for a wide variety of data, but not all of the reporting is available on GeForce products. That is by design of the nvidia-smi software, and it arises from designed limitations in the underlying nvml library that nvidia-smi is based on

You might update your driver to the latest version available for those cards, but I would expect that there are still various items that are not reported - this is by design.

I am in the process of updating the drivers.
But if that does not resolve the issue, does that mean a dead end.

Or NVMl might be used, or another tool might be used (any suggestions?)
to get those missing reports?

I assume one can still query the device somehow to get say utilization etc?

nvidia-smi reports whatever NVML provides. I don’t think there will be any benefit for an unreported item to use NVML directly. There is documentation for both NVML and nvidia-smi, you could review these.

There are certainly other tools out there, like GPU-Z. I don’t generally use those so I can’t recommend any. I can’t tell you exactly how they work or report something like utilization.

Perhaps others will have some suggestions.

You are right, and I had that feeling too.

But thankfully for this context, updating the driver gave me the information I need for now.

So i will mark this as resolved, but keep following other discussions
on experiences of using NVML.

Thanks so much for your contribution.