Solved: What will happen if a colleague remove one graphics card from board without information?

Hi there,

I have nvidia 384 driver installed and two GTX 1080 Ti on boards.

But recently when I type in nvidia-smi, ony one graphics card is recognized. My desktop look weird, there is no side bar, no reactions if I click on home key on the key board.

After long exploration, I found one of my graphics card is removed from the motherboard from someone I don’t know. Regardless this non-teamworking behaviour, I have a question urgently need your help:

First, I probably can not get my card back, because most of the colleague are in traveling.
Second, my desktop looks weird as I described above, it seems like the card which be took away, has some memory, or whatever about my desktop. What should I do now? How could I fix my desktop using only one graphics card?