Some bugs in action graph

First, I write serval acition graphs in a usd, which uses branch, variable node and others to control the character, but the logic only work after I define them, and then when I reopen the usd file, it is not working, in that case, i have to remove some connections in the graph and then add them back.
Second, the variable in action graph is not restored back to the default state after playing. for example, if i defined a bool var (set to false by defalut), i have node to change that var to true during playing, and after stopping play, the var is set true instead of false.
These are found in machinima 2022.1.3 beta

the first issue looks like solved in craate 2022.1.3,but the second one is still there in create, not known this is a design intension or not, but it confuse me and bring a lot of inconvenience.

Hi @terryzhv83! Could you share an example action graph showing the second issue that you mentioned?

test_var.usd (6.5 KB)
Hi Mati, as attached, after starting play, hit A key to move the cube step forward X axis by 100, and stop playing, then start again, the cube would not step forward, since the var is not restored back to false.

Thanks Terry. I’ll check with the dev team what the intended behavior is.

@terryzhv83 this will be fixed in OM-50647.