Some constructive suggestions for the better Nvidia developer forum.

Problem: I think there are too many topics to locate the key information that a user wants to find.

Example: Such as what if a user’s problems has already been solve by others located somewhere under this category in forum, he may cannot find it and create a new topic since there are maybe tens of thousands of topics.

Proposed Solution: Add a search box under each category for key words search to locate the possible existed problems.

P.P. Anyone has the great idea about improving this forum could write down with the similar format. So the forum managers may could handle those problems more easily.

Hi Ziyang,

Thanks for the suggestions. We are in the process of a community redesign that will provide a more friendly search experience allowing users to find solutions much easier, plus many other improvements.


Consider developing a Geforce OS that runs on GPU.

Consider building a GPU CPU chip to compete with Intel and AMD


Hi Gordon,

Those are interesting suggestions. Thanks for being part of the Devtalk community.


I also think the forum needs a search tool. There are thousands of posts and no easy esay to find if your issue of interest has already been discussed / resolved. Its definitely like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hello @hallmanNet18,

Thanks for your comments. There is actually a search function located at the top right of the forum.

Note: We will be launching a new forum platform soon that will provide a better user experience with advanced search capabilities.