Some exceptions about system startup

We have met some questions about system startup.
1.Several xavier modules run to kernel,but it stay on kernel stage and no exceptions logs.
2.One xavier print messy code and reset,repeat that.
3.The other xavier modules are ok.
We use same firmware and same board to test that.We found some gpios conneting to the other soc cause these problems.These pins are gpio17,gpio18,spi3,uart5.Why these pins cause these exceptions?

Hi, are you testing with custom design board? Have you follow the Design Guide doc? What’s the power on sequence on your board? You should check the Design Guide and power on sequence first, to make sure no violations. And the pin status should not be impacted during power on, which means the module power rails should be ON first and then the carrier rails.

I use custom design board.The power on sequence is setting as the product design guide.
This pins which connect to other soc are general pins,no special function.They are also not
power pins.If It is the Poweron sequence or the power problem, why it work well when disconnecting this pins?

Have you probe these pins status during power on? And compare the status to good module? I suspect these pins status had been changed by “other soc” randomly during power on and so cause this issue. As said, the module should be power on first and then is the carrier board so that the module pins status won’t be impacted during power on.

These pins are not for power on sequence, but also should not be impacted during power on. That’s why “it work well when disconnecting the pins”.

for example,gpio17,it is low level when poweon.The other soc set this pin high after xavier power on,it will cause some startup problem?I cannot understand that gpio status changes causing this problem.

“during power on” means the poweron sequence time? These pins status are not be impacted if
you mean that.

Then is the issue after power on? That means after power on, you changed the pin status and then issue come out? Can you describe your test steps in detail that make you think these pins cause the issue?

The xavier dies in the kernel stage when connecting gpio17 and gpio18 to the other soc.
It stopped printing messages from uart, hit enter and nothing happened.disconneting the pins,it can go to the ubuntu desktop.This occurs in two xavier modules.

Let us solve this problem first, most xaviers are ok.

GPIO17/18 are general GPIO pins, no special setting. Can you repro this with devkit carrier board (P2822 board)? Can you share the schematic of two pins of your custom board? If it can be repro on devkit and no design issue, you can run RMA for the modules.

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