Some games are not working ( Tried on bot Ubuntu and Mint ) Nvidia Prime

I don’t know if anyone here has a clue about it or had a similar issue in the past but i’m having some problems with Shadow of Mordor , Hitman , LiS , Dirt Rally. However other Feral ports like Medieval 2 and Shogun are working ok yet Shogun shows gpu as " unknown " at in game settings page.

Problem is described here , any Nvidia devs had a clue to locating problem or any user has knowledge about it?

I suspect about Prime to be honest but i’m not sure what to do about it.

Considering all these strange problems you’re having, you should think about a fresh install. I presume your home dir is on the secondary hdd anyway? Do a standard install with en_US locale and a new user, then check if things work.
The only essential addition for your system is the changed acpi table from medakk.

Yep , my system works on ssd attached as / , and my home directory is on HDD. How this can lead to a problem like this?

I pm’ed meddak but he didn’t reply. Looks like he set his profile to not taking notifications.

Having /home on a different drive doesn’t lead to problems, it just makes it easier to reinstall on the system drive.

Thanks for clarification.

How can i change that acpi table and where do i add acpi_windows 2009 at

gksu xed /etc/default/grub

It’s either - or.