Some menus disappear after we close Console of Omniverse View

Hi, I encountered the issue regarding UI by Omniverse View.

Once we close “Console”, some menus in “Advanced” menu disappeared.
I confirmed this issue by several environment so I think environment is not regarding.


  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Omniverse View 2022.1.2
  • Omniverse Nucleus 2022.1.2
  • Omniverse Cache 2022.1.1

[How to Reproduce]

  1. Launch Omniverse View
    At this timing, we can confirm menus below in “Advanced” menu.
  1. Open “Console” from “Advanced menu”
    At the same time, operation bar will be shown.

  2. Close “Console”.
    If we close “Console”, as the result, operation bar disappeared and menus in “Advanced” disappeared
    except for “extensions” menu.
    At the same time we got an error.
    Error : “Failed to get value for menu with path: Advanced/Console. It doesn’t exist.”

If we close and launch Omniverse View again, menus are shown again but in case we
open large files, we do not want to launch Omniverse View again…
I tried to find the feature to revert UI to the default but it looks such feature does not exist.


Masahiro Suzuoki / CTC

Hello @masahiro.suzuoki! I’ll forward this post to the dev team. I’ll post back here when I have more information!

Hi @masahiro.suzuoki! I wanted to inform you that we were able to reproduce the issue on our end. We created a bug ticket on our end (OM-55352). I was informed that the dev team is working on a fix for this now and that we can expect it in the View 2022.1.3 hotfix release.

Hi, @WendyGram !

Thank you for the answer.
It’s good to hear that this will be fixed.

Thanks a lot!


Masahiro Suzuoki