Some of my imported scenes or assets appear as all black on the stage but I'm not sure why?

Hello all,
In Machinima, I’ve downloaded some assets for SketchFab. Some come to stage fine, others come in dark. I’ve turned a light on, which illuminates the ground plane but none of the textures illuminate, although clearly there is a 3d model there. As a noob, I’m sure there is some small thing I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for any help!

Are there any materials mapped to the model? What was your conversion process?

Hi Dtyner,
Still new to this process. The Sketchfab model does have textures, several work fine. But several don’t. I’m just double clicking on the asset which brings up a dialogue box to prompt saving the old scene or not.
Expecting this:
Seeing black.

Thanks for the help! Or any clues. Still haven’t figured out texture mapping in Omni/Machinima. Materials seem pretty straightforward but I’m not seeing how the UV’s connect to the object. Much to learn :)

sometimes loggin in to nucleus brings in missing textures…

Hi Pekka! Thanks for the note. I did see some textures show up after I went and did an errand for a few minutes - when I came back, the textures for the Minesweep character were there. So perhaps I need to make sure my Nucleus login is good and still connected. Still have so much to learn, especially about textures.
Really liked your ‘lady reading books’ shot. I don’t know the intent of the piece but I envisioned a camera pan right to left, showing the rows of books, as if someone is scanning the shelf, looking for a certain book.


Cool :) it s called now Sally seeking the Truth and its done, I wait for Nvidia to publish it and I also make tutorials about making this both for Nvidia and Reallusion.

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