Some performance issues


So we’ve got this thing running on Jetson. It receives 120fps h264 videos from cameras, splits the videos into frames, packages them into zip packages (without compression) and sends them forward. To us this seems to be a pretty simple process yet it takes quite a bit of time, a single video takes about 20 seconds to run through the pipeline. Especially the receiving end seems pretty sluggish. We use the Jetson as a wifi hotspot and it takes several seconds to receive a few megabyte video, the receiving rate going at its highest to about 350 kbps. Zipping the frames into packages takes, at least to us, surprisingly long too. Packaging a few hundred frames into 10 or so packages takes several seconds and CPU usage is at or pretty close to hundred percent on all cores during packaging.

Does this raise thoughts in anyone as to how this process could be sped up? We’ve tried using an SSD instead of the internal eMMC storage but the speed was pretty much the same. Also, manually setting the CPU and GPU clock frequencies yielded no results as the clocks seem to be scaled higher as they’re needed anyway.

Thanks in advance

I’d be especially interested if there were ways to increase the wifi receive rate. I’ve already tried increasing MTU and socket buffer sizes.

There is also quite a discrepancy between the receiving and transmitting rates. Data is received at about 350 kbps but transmitted at about 2 Mbps. Is this to be expected?


Hi Koirannaama
The wifi performance got improve at next release r24.2 and should be coming soon.