Some problem occurred when installing JetPack 3.1.


when I installed JP in my host computer, something wrong happened. Because it is not allowed to put picture here, I will giva a link which I put the screemshot there.

Here is the link:

Here is the link in which is the installation guide I followed:

Oh, by the way, I used the VMware.


I can’t see the image, but a VM is typically a problem with the USB communications. If there was some sort of communications error, then perhaps look for a way to increase the VM’s USB buffer and explicitly set the recovery mode Jetson as pass-through to the VM in USB2 mode.

Hi, linuxdev.

I finally find a way to show you the picture. I put the picture as my profile image, you just click me and use can see.

I did the installation following the guide:
, and I was stuck at the step 6(in the link). In my screem there was only a blank window without any option like the step 6 in the guide, and there is a word “error” at the left bottom of the window.

What’s more, I recommond the website of NVIDIA can add a function for us to submit some pictures.:)

Looks like the profile picture is clipped to the size of the needed image and only includes a tiny upper right piece of the image, so no useful information.

There is a way to post an image, though not all formats are supported. One is to edit an existing post, the other is availabe when you post a new message.

If you hover your mouse over the upper right of one of your existing posts you will see a quote ["] icon, and if the mouse is over that icon some other icons show up. The one which looks like a pencil allows you to edit an existing post.

Once you are editing an existing post or creating a new post notice that the upper right icons in the tool bar for that message contain a block quote icon ("</>"), a URL icon (looks like a chain link or diagonal infinity symbol), and between those something which sort of looks like a picture frame. This picture frame icon is the image tool. If the image tool won’t accept one image format you can try another.

Someone else may need to comment on the JetPack step 6 of:

I recall some people having issues where one of the JetPack steps was just blank…perhaps it was a network issue, I’m not sure.

Hi 3082389266,

What host ubuntu version are you using?
Please also check system requirement from: