Some problems about deepstream_test2 demo

Hello, I want to test the cascade model on deepstream. I reference the deepstream_test2, but encountered some problems:

I find the secondary model only detect part of the content from the primary model. Such as “Car 786”, but “Car737、Car792 …” have no contens. You can see follow picture:

Then I print out the information of secondary model and part of the “car Bboxes” have contents.

Now, I want all the “car Bboxes” send to the secondary model and get each of them output categories. How can I do ?

please disable the tracker and try agian.


@mchi Hello, I have disabled the tracker. None “car Bboxes” have classification results.

Reproed your issue, and we are checking internally. thanks for your patience.

@Amycao @kayccc @mchi Hello, Have results of your discussion?

Sorry for late reply, we are on holiday, and we are checking, thanks for your patience.

Hi @383109759,
could you try lower the “classifier-threshold” of sgies?


@mchi I had tried lower the “classifier-threshold” of sgies, such as 0.01. It seems have no effect. Dose you lower the threshold have some effect?

Please try set below properties in secondary gies config,
it will classify most of the objects.

@Amycao Hi, I have tried set below properties in secondary gies config:
But it only has one or two “car BBox” was classified. It is the same as before. Did I not set it correctly?

When I disable the tracker, None of the “car BBox” are classified, It seems to related to the tracker.

Please see log, most of the objects classified, before the config change, a few can be classified.
log.txt (707.9 KB)
btw, I am using deepstream-infer-tensor-meta-test, but should be similar.

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@Amycao I used “deepstream-infer-tensor-meta-test” and set “input-object-min-width=0,input-object-min-height=0”, most of objects classified.
Thank you very much!