Some problems about nvoverlaysink.

If I use the command "filesink location=“path” -e ", I will get the output file at the “path” after encoding/decoding.
But when I use the command "nvoverlaysink -e ", I can’t find the output flie. I want to know some details of nvoverlaysink, can anyone tell me?


nvoverlaysink is use to preview video on monitor. There is no encode/decode file.

Thank you for your help! Can you give me some more details about nvoverlaysink or how to use it?

Hi Sea_Otter,

Below is the command to preview csi camera on monitor.

$ gst-launch-1.0 nvcamerasrc sensor-id=0 ! 'video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),width=1920, height=1080, framerate=30/1, format=NV12' ! nvoverlaysink -ev