some questions about camera_gmsl and camera_mutiple_gmsl in PX2

  1. Can I connect the camera to the second(or third or fourth) connector in one port without the camera connects to the first connector?

  2. If i need to use two cameras to write two video files, can I use the connectors in the same port to write files? or it can only use two terminal (one with a csi-port and one select another csi-port) to write two files?

  3. camera_mutiple_gmsl dosen’t have the command ‘–write-file=’, if I want to use it to write file, should I change the source code?

Dear imugly1029,
You need to connect cameras in AO,A1,A2,A3 order(Please refer to page 6 in Quick start guide).
You need to modify the camera_multiple_gmsl sample and use sensor serializer to write to a file. You can check camera_gsml sample for usage of sensor serializer and modify the sample accordingly.