Some questions about mlx_core and mlx_ib parameter.

Hello All,

Customer want to upgrade their OFED driver version from v.1.5.3-4.0.44 to v2.2-1.0.1.

Before apply for new OFED in production system, They want to check some of changed default parameter value and others in v2.2-1.0.1 comparing to v1.5.3-4.0.44.

1). regarding “internal_err_reset” mlx4_core parameter, default value was changed from enable to disable in v2.2-1.0.1, what is exactly meaning of this parameter and which case do customer need to change default value to enable again in v2.2-1.0.0?

2). In case of “set_4K_assign” parameter, It automatically set MTU size as a 4K without any setting in v2.2-1.0.0, Is there any way to change the value to 2K or others?

3). In case of “sm_guide_assign” parameter in mlx4_ib, It have default value as “1”, How can we use GUID alias?

4). what is a meaning of changing default value form 2- >0 in “max_rqw_ethy_qp” and none → 427 in “hca_core_clock” parameter out put with ibv_devinfo ?

5). How can I check the OpenSM version in version of OFED v2.3-1.0.0, MLNX OS v3.3.4402 and MLNX OS v.3.3.5506?

It will be very happy to hear any reply and answer about this question.

Thanks in advance!

For #5 - you can check opensm version included with MLNX OFED by typing “opensm --version”. For example on MLNX OFED 2.3-1.0.1 you will get “OpenSM 4.2.5.MLNX20140828.7f05469”

On switches SM version is reported under “IB SM Mgmt” menu. For example MLNX OS ver. 3.3.3500 reports “OpenSM3.3.13.MLNX_20121224_9b362db”

and MLNX OS ver. 3.4.0000 reports


For #2,

you can change back the mtu to 2K from 4K with using the below command for each physical port:

echo “2048” > /sys/class/net/ib0/device/mlx4_port1_mtu

Thank you for all of your reply.

Thank you so much!