Some questions about uphy's configure on orin

Hi, Nvida teams:
According to “Table 6-4. USB 3.2, PCIe, UFS, and MGBE Mapping Options” in Page 31 in “Jetson_AGX_Orin_Design_Guide_DG-10653-001_v1.0.pdf”, there are 3 configurations for uphy, “Configuration #1”, “Configuration #2”, “Configuration #3”, So

  1. which configuration is used in “JetPack_5.0_DP” for these uphy pins?
  2. If we want to use another configuration in “JetPack_5.0_DP”, How to change it?
  3. On the Jetson Orin Developer Kit Carrier Board, there is a “M.2 KEY M” Connector, I plug a ssd card in it, and the ssd card can work after the orin boot up on “JetPack_5.0_DP” ,it can be mounted successfully, So in this condition, how many lanes works for the ssd card, 2 lane or 4 lane?

We will support to change uphy in jp5.0 GA.

For jp5.0DP, it is preview version for you to use on devkit. And devkit is using config #1.

OK,Thanks for your reply.

Hi, WayneWWW: We need config uphy to #3 for orin&JP5.0DP to verify some modules on our board. Is there a way to config uphy to config #3 now?

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