some questions about VisionWorks 1.6 in the jetpack


I use the image flash the OS that include VisionWorks 1.6 and CUDA,and I find the opencv3.3.1 on the ubuntu16.04.

It seems to be complied with CUDA,but some of the header files that need to be compiled with CUDA can not be found.

I want to confirm that I do not find it or I need to recompile opencv with CUDA.

Thank you !


The default OpenCV package in JetPack3.2 is not compiled with CUDA.

If you need GPU support with OpenCV, please recompile it from source.
We provide an automatic script to handle this:


Hello ,AastaLLL

Well,Thank you !

Just used the script myself on R28.2…nice (the script saves a lot of research and digging into docs)! Also, it ends with a smiley face :)